The following table shows our current distributors, so you can directly order from us or them.

This section contains a list of authorized distributors in countries around the world. Each distributor has been carefully selected to insure that Genway's products are quickly delivered to you with the best after purchase support.

Reasons to purchase through a distributor

Local distributors have many advantages. It is important to understand the value of our distributors when placing orders.

  1. Speed Often importing biological products may include additional review with your country's customs agencies. Distributors are aware of the documentation and fees needed to quickly process shipments, thus reducing delays.
  2. Support Genway products include performance guarantees. Local distributors can provide technical support after the sale. They can also arrange for replacement products if necessary.
  3. Safety Distributors listed below are official distributors. Make sure you purchase from them or you may be paying more through another 3rd party distributor.
Country Distributor
Belgium Bio-Connect
Luxembourg Bio-Connect
Netherlands Bio-Connect
Austria Biozol
Germany Biozol
Switzerland LuBio Science
Denmark Nordic Biosite
Estonia Nordic Biosite
Finland Nordic Biosite
Latvia Nordic Biosite
Lithuania Nordic Biosite
Norway Nordic Biosite
Sweden Nordic Biosite