Management Team

Michael Dale - Executive Vice President, Service Division

Michael Dale is President and Chief Executive Officer for the company. Mr. Dale has over 30 years of experience in biotechnology management including diagnostics, custom antibody services, pre-clinical research services, and veterinary stem cell research. Mike was co-founder of HTI Bio-Products in 1990 and co-founder of Vet-Stem, Inc. in 2002.

Mr. Dale has a history of providing the highest quality products and services to research, diagnostics, and biotechnology.

Mr. Dale has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Christian Heritage College.


Robert Gans - Executive Vice President

Robert A. Gans, MBA is Executive Vice President & CFO for the Company. He is also the Company’s Quality Assurance Manager.

Mr. Gans has over 25 years of financial and administrative management experience in public and private, domestic and international, retail, manufacturing, and service-oriented companies in the biotechnology, computer, securities, and construction industries.

Mr. Gans has an MBA from Stanford University. He is also a registered NASD Financial and Operations Principal, a Certified Property Manager and a California Real Estate Broker.