BaculoQuant (5 reactions) (GWB-116C43)



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The baculovirus expression system is widely used for the production of foreign proteins in insect cells. For optimal protein production, it is essential that an accurate titre of virus be obtained prior to infection. Traditionally baculoviruses have been titred by plaque assay, end point dilution and antibody-based assays. These methods often need 4 – 6 days to yield a virus titre and involve procedures which require expertise in cell culture and virus handling.

To overcome the problems incurred during traditional titration protocols, Oxford Expression Technologies have developed a novel one-step virus titration kit which can give a result within 2 hours without the need for plaque assays or immuno-assays, and has the potential to dramatically enhance the productivity of baculovirus biotechnology."

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Name BaculoQuant (5 reactions) (GWB-116C43)
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