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Sequence (One Letter Code): EKAHDGGR

Sequence: {GLU} {LYS} {ALA} {HIS} {ASP} {GLY} {GLY} {ARG}

Formula: C34H56N14O13

C-telopeptide(CTX) is an RIA based on monoclonal antibody raised against this 8-amino-acid sequence was developed. C-telopeptide(CTX) represents a valuable tool for assessing bone resorption. The study shows C-telopeptide(CTX) ELISA exhibited acceptable analytical performance and sufficient discriminatory power to show expected directional changes in the rate of bone resorption following ovariectomy. ovx plus estradiol or alendronate treatment. and administration of a calcium-deficient diet.

Subcellular Location: Secreted.

Tissue Specificity: Expressed by the venom gland.

Similarity: Belongs to the snake three-finger toxin family. Type IA cytotoxin subfamily.

Additional Information

Name C-telopeptide
Related Product Names C-telopeptideCTX
Intended Use Research Use Only
Purity > 95%
Stability 6-12 months at -20 degree C.
Storage 4 degree C for short term (weeks) and -20 degree C for long term.
Molecular Weight 868.9
Swiss Prot Number Q02454