TSH Receptor Autoantibody


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The hyperthyroidism is a disease that produce an increase in blood circulating levels of thyroid hormones. In some cases, as in Graves' disease is caused by autoantibodies against the TSH receptor (TSHr). Autoantibodies mimic the effect of TSH on the thyroid gland causing a rise in blood levels of T3 and T4. The determination of these autoantibodies (TRAb) may be useful for the diagnosis of the disease and its treatment. The main treatment for Graves’ disease is represented by use of antithyroid drugs (propylthiouracil or methimazole), I131 and surgery. The dosage of TRAb is therefore useful in the course or at the end of therapy.

TSH receptor autoantibody (TRAb) ELISA kit is intended for use by professional persons only for the quantitative determination of thyrotropin receptor autoantibodies in human serum.TRAb ELISA kit is intended for laboratory use only.

In TRAb ELISA TSH receptor autoantibodies patient sera, calibrators and controls are allowed to interact with TSH receptor coated into ELISA plate wells. After a 2 hours incubation, the samples are discarded leaving TRAb bound to the immobilized TSH receptor. TSH Biotin, added in a 2nd incubation step, interacts with immobilized TSH receptors, which have not been blocked by the bound TRAb from patient sera, calibrators or controls. The amount of TSH Biotin bound to the plate is then determined in a third incubation step by addition of streptavidin peroxidase, which binds specifically to biotin. Excess unbound streptavidin peroxidase is then washed away and the addition of tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) substrate results in formation of a blue colour. This reaction is stopped by the addition of stop solution causing the well contents to turn from blue to yellow. The absorbance of the yellow reaction mixture at 450nm is then read using an ELISA plate reader. A lower absorbance indicates the presence of TRAb in the test sample as TRAb inhibits the binding of TSH biotin to TSH receptor coated plate wells.

Additional Information

Name TSH Receptor Autoantibody
Availability Discontinued
Related Product Names TSH receptor autoantibody (TRAb) ELISA, TSH Receptor Autoantibody ELISA Kit, TRAb ELISA Kit, Antibodies against TSH receptor ELISA, Antibodies to THS receptor ELISA
Molecular Weight 0.5
Application Quantitative determination of thyrotropin receptor autoantibodies in human serum.
Reactivity Human
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-521200
Intended Use Research Use Only