Bovine Collagen Type VI (GWB-21995C)



0.25 mg


Host Animal: Bovine (US origin)

Specificity: Collagen Type VI, Bovine Type of Product: Purified Collagens

Buffer: 500mM Acetic acid

Applications Notes : Type VI collagen standard. Antigen for antibody production. Coating material for cell culture studies Formation of collagen gels. Each laboratory should determine an optimum working titer for use in its particular application. Other applications have not been tested but use in such assays should not necessarily be excluded Concentration: Concentration is lot specific Bovine Collagen Type VI

Function: Collagen VI acts as a cell-binding protein.

Subunit: Trimers composed of three different chains: alpha-1(VI), alpha-2(VI), and alpha-3(VI) or alpha-5(VI) or alpha-6(VI).

Subcellular Location: Secreted, extracellular space, extracellular matrix (By similarity).

Ptm: Prolines at the third position of the tripeptide repeating unit (G-X-Y) are hydroxylated in some or all of the chains.

Disease: Defects in COL6A1 are a cause of Bethlem myopathy (BM) [MIM:158810]. BM is a rare autosomal dominant proximal myopathy characterized by early childhood onset (complete penetrance by the age of 5) and joint contractures most frequently affecting the elbows and ankles.

Similarity: Belongs to the type VI collagen family.

Similarity: Contains 3 VWFA domains.

Additional Information

Name Bovine Collagen Type VI (GWB-21995C)
Related Product Names Bovine Collagen Type VI; N/A Bovine Collagen Type VICOL6A1
Swissprot ID P12109
NCBI Acc Number NP_001839.2
Molecular Weight 108529
Purity >90% pure (SDS-PAGE analysis). Controlled and limited pepsin digestion, followed by selective salt precipitation.
Source Bovine Placenta
Application ELISA
Format Purified, Liquid
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-21995C
Storage Store at 2-8 C for several months without appreciable loss of activity. May be transferred into physiological suffers by dialysis at 2-8 C. For long term storage, aliquot and store at -20 C. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
Intended Use Research Use Only