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2-CAT (Adrenaline/Noradrenaline) Urine ELISA



2x96 Assays
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Product NameAdrenaline Urine ELISA
# of Samples2 x 96 Determinations
DesignExtraction and Acylation in 96-well microtiter plate (PATENT EPA 1835 290). 6 standards, 2 controls, ready for use.
SensitivityEpinephrine: 0.33 ng/ml; Norepinephrine: 1.33 ng/ml
Standard RangeEpinephrine 0 / 1.5 - 240 ng/ml; Norepinephrine 0 / 7.5 - 1,200 ng/ml
Total Assay TimeExtraction and acylation 60 min and ELISA 1 h
Sample Types25 μl urine
  • Total assay approximately 2h
  • No known interference by medical drugs
  • Wide standard ranges. convenient measurement of pathological samples without predilution
  • High correlation with HPLC

Additional Information

Name 2-CAT (Adrenaline/Noradrenaline) Urine ELISA
Related Product Names 2-CAT (Adrenaline/Noradrenaline) Urine ELISA
Storage 2-8 °C
Datasheets/Manuals Printable manual for GWB-7D2966
Intended Use Research Use Only