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Normetanephrine ELISA Kit (GWB-956095)



1x96 well plate
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The assay procedure follows the basic principle of competitive ELISA whereby there is competition between a biotinylated and a non-biotinylated antigen for a fixed number of antibody binding sites. The amount of biotinylated antigen bound to the antibody is inversely proportional to the analyte concentration of the sample. When the system is in equilibrium, the free biotinylated antigen is removed by a washing step and the antibody bound biotinylated antigen is determined by use of anti-biotin alkaline phosphatase as marker and p-nitrophenyl phosphate as substrate. Quantification of unknowns is achieved by comparing the enzymatic activity of unknowns with a response curve prepared by using known standards.

Additional Information

Name Normetanephrine ELISA Kit (GWB-956095)
Related Product Names Normetanephrine ELISA Kit Normetanephrine
Sample Type Urine
Standard Range 0.1-7500 ug/L
Specimen/Volumes Refer to manual.
Substrate/Isotope Refer to manual.
Concentration Lot Specific
Application ELISA
Reactivity Human
Kit Size 96 well
Storage The kit is shipped at ambient temperature and should be stored at 2-8C. Keep away from heat or direct sun light. The storage and stability of specimen and prepared reagents is stated in the corresponding chapters. The microtiter strips are stable up to th
Datasheets/Manuals Printable manual for GWB-956095
Intended Use Research Use Only