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Since 1998, GenWay Biotech has been providing protein solutions to both research and diagnostic customers. Starting in 2018, we are manufacturing a line of Premium ELISA Kits with the following features:

  • Specificity analysis – each kit is tested with similar proteins to confirm target specificity
  • Broader range – we strive to provide the best possible assay range to increase end user success
  • Sensitivity – our sensitivity specifications are competitive with top ELISA vendors
  • Easy-to-Use Manuals – with application tips, technical resources, and easy to follow procedures
  • Need higher sensitivity? – we can optimize any premium kit to satisfy your requirements
  • Have questions? Send us an email at

    Competitor Comparison Chart – Human IgG Fc ELISA Kit
    Specification GenWay Biotech (GWB-EKA001) Top Vendor
    Range 0.34 – 250 ng/mL 0.15 – 15 ng/mL
    Sensitivity < 0.28 ng/mL < 0.15 ng/mL
    Specificity Data provided with 13 relevant proteins No information provided
    Cross-Reactivity Data provided and supported through bioinformatics No information provided
    Price $400.00: sample kits available $529.00: no sample kit sizes

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      1. $439.00
        GenWay ID: GWB-EKA001
        Item Type: ELISAs, Premium ELISA.

      2. $439.00
        GenWay ID: GWB-EKA016
        Item Type: ELISAs, Assay Kits, Premium ELISA.

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