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Breast Cancer Antigen CA15-3 Enzyme Immunoassay Test Kit



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Similarity: Belongs to the heat shock protein 70 family.

Function: Belongs to the heat shock protein 70 family.

Additional Information

Name Breast Cancer Antigen CA15-3 Enzyme Immunoassay Test Kit
Related Product Names Breast Cancer Antigen CA15-3 ELISA Kit; ADAM 2; Fertilin subunit beta; PH-30; PH30; PH30-beta; Cancer/testis antigen 15; CT15 FTNBBreast Cancer Antigen CA15-3ADAM2
Sensitivity 5 U/ml
Sample Type serum
Gene Symbol MUC1
Gene Fullname mucin 1, cell surface associated
Gene id 4582
Alias Symbols Breast carcinoma-associated antigen DF3, Carcinoma-associated mucin, CD227, EMA, Episialin, H23AG, KL-6, MAM6, MUC-1, MUC-1/SEC, MUC-1/X, MUC1/ZD, Mucin-1, Peanut-reactive urinary mucin, PEM, PEMT, Polymorphic epithelial mucin, PUM, Tumor-associated epith
Swissprot ID P15941
Protein Name Mucin-1
Homology Human
NCBI Acc Number NP_001455.3
Datasheets/Manuals Printable manual for GWB-150A4D
Intended Use Research Use Only
Additional Information Intended Use: For the quantitative determination of the Cancer Antigen CA15-3 concentration in human serum.
:: Reagents: Materials provided with the kit:
•Antibody-Coated Wells (1 plate, 96 wells)
Microtiter wells coated with CA15-3 MoAb
• Reference Standard Set (2.0 ml/vial)
Contains 0, 15, 30, 60, 120, and 240 Unit/ml of CA15-3 in bovine serum with preservatives; liquid, ready to use
These standards have been pre-diluted 51-fold. Please do not dilute them again.
•CA15-3 Enzyme Conjugate Concentrate (22x), 1.0 ml
Contains CA15-3 MoAb conjugated to horseradish peroxidase with preservatives
• CA15-3 Conjugate Diluent, 21 ml
Contains bovine serum, tris buffer and preservatives
•CA 15-3 Sample Diluent, 100 ml
Tris buffer with preservatives
• Wash Buffer Concentrate (20x), 50 ml
Potassium phosphate buffer with tween 20
• TMB Reagent (11 ml)
Contains 3, 3’, 5, 5’ tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) stabilized in buffer solution
• Stop Solution -1N HCl (11 ml)
Diluted hydrochloric acid
:: Range: 0-240 U/ml