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We have 1330 ELISAs

GenWay offers a wide selection of ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) kits that have been validated for exceptional quality and reproducibility. Our product listing includes ELISA test kits for Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Equine, Canine, Feline, Ovine, Swine and Chicken specific targets. ELISA kits combines the specificity of antibodies with the sensitivity of simple enzyme assays, by using antibodies or antigens coupled to an easily assayed enzyme that possesses a high turnover number. ELISA can provide a useful measurement of antigen or antibody concentration. Unlike Western blots, which use precipitating substrates, ELISA kits procedures utilize substrates that produce soluble products. Ideally the enzyme substrates should be stable, safe and inexpensive.

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  1. $219.30
    GenWay ID: GWB-F926AE
    Legacy ID: 40-521-475067
    Item Type: ELISAs, Chlamydia, Chlamydia-Antibodies, Infectious Disease ELISA, Bacteriology ELISA.

  2. $325.00
    GenWay ID: GWB-11207A
    Legacy ID: 40-374-130105
    Reactivity: Human
    Item Type: ELISAs, Cardiac Marker ELISA, Coagulation ELISA Kits.
    Application(s): ELISA

  3. $187.00
    GenWay ID: GWB-1190D0
    Legacy ID: 40-521-475042
    Item Type: ELISAs, Hormone Marker ELISA, Steroid ELISA.

  4. $245.65
    GenWay ID: GWB-120C6C
    Legacy ID: 40-375-380061
    Item Type: ELISAs, IgM, Mycoplasma, Mycoplasma-Antibodies , Infectious Disease ELISA, Bacteriology ELISA.

  5. $390.00
    GenWay ID: GWB-13E28E
    Legacy ID: 40-374-130119
    Reactivity: Mouse
    Item Type: ELISAs, Mouse ELISA Kits, Tumor Marker ELISA.
    Application(s): ELISA

  6. $299.20
    GenWay ID: GWB-144FC9
    Legacy ID: 40-052-115033
    Item Type: ELISAs, Herpes, HSV-1, HSV1-Antibodies, Herpes-Antibodies, Infectious Disease ELISA, Virology ELISA.

  7. $260.00
    GenWay ID: GWB-150A4D
    Legacy ID: 40-052-115010
    Item Type: ELISAs, IgG, IgY, Tumor Marker ELISA.

  8. $902.70
    GenWay ID: GWB-16A89F
    Legacy ID: 40-101-325117
    Item Type: ELISAs, Rat ELISA Kits, Mouse ELISA Kits, Fertility ELISA.

  9. $425.00
    GenWay ID: GWB-16BC00
    Legacy ID: 40-374-130068
    Reactivity: Rat
    Item Type: ELISAs, Fibronectin, FN1-Antibodies , Rat ELISA Kits, ECM ELISA Kits.
    Application(s): ELISA

  10. $163.20
    GenWay ID: GWB-16FE24
    Legacy ID: 40-521-475126
    Item Type: ELISAs, Infectious Disease ELISA, Bacteriology ELISA.

Items 31 to 40 of 1330 total

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