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96 Wells
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Kit Range 1.56 - 100 ng/mL
Sensitivity < 0.56 ng/mL
Sample Type serum, plasma, tissue homogenates and other biological fluids
Kit Detection Colorimetric, OD 450 nm
Gene Symbol EMILIN1
Gene id 11117
Alias Symbols DKFZp586M121, Elastin microfibril interface-located protein 1, Elastin microfibril interfacer 1, EMI, EMILIN, EMILIN-1, gp115
Swissprot ID Q9Y6C2
Protein Name EMILIN-1
Description of Target May be responsible for anchoring smooth muscle cells to elastic fibers, and may be involved not only in the formation of the elastic fiber, but also in the processes that regulate vessel assembly. Has cell adhesive capacity.
Kit Principle Genway Biotech EMILIN1 ELISA Kit (Human) (GWB-KBBKA9) is based on standard sandwich enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay technology. An antibody specific for EMILIN1 has been pre-coated onto a 96-wellplate (12 x 8 Well Strips) and blocked. Standards or test samples are added to the wells, incubated and removed. A biotinylated detector antibody specific for EMILIN1 is added, incubated and followed by washing. Avidin-Peroxidase Conjugate is then added, incubated and unbound conjugate is washed away. An enzymatic reaction is produced through the addition of TMB substrate which is catalyzed by HRP generating a blue color product that changes to yellow after adding acidic stop solution. The density of yellow coloration read by absorbance at 450 nm is quantitatively proportional to the amount of sample EMILIN1 captured in the well.
Kit Component
Anti-Thbd Microplate96 Wells (12 x 8 Well Strips)
Thbd Lyophilized Standard2 x 100 ng
100X Biotinylated Thbd Detector Antibody120 uL
Avidin/HRP Conjugate120 uL
Standard Diluent1 x 20 mL
Detector Antibody Diluent1 x 12 mL
Conjugate Diluent1 x 12 mL
30X Wash Buffer1 x 20 mL
TMB Substrate1 x 9 mL
Stop Solution1 x 6 mL
Protein Accession Num NP_008977
Nucleotide Accession Num NM_007046
Assay Info Assay Methodology: Quantitative Sandwich ELISA
Reconstitution and Storage Store at 2 - 8C. Do not use the kit beyond the expiration date.
Kit Duration ~ 3 Hours
Kit linearity
Sample1:2 Dilution1:4 Dilution1:8 Dilution1:16 Dilution
Serum (n=5)92-99%94-102%90-98%80-93%
EDTA Plasma (n=5)89-101%91-99%78-92%80-96%
Heparin Plasma (n=5)93-105%97-104%85-98%85-94%
Kit Recovery
MatrixRecovery Range (%)Average (%)
Serum (n=5)95-10499
EDTA Plasma (n=5)79-10497
Heparin Plasma (n=5)89-10397
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-KBBKA9
Species Reactivity Human