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Apolipoprotein A-II (APO A-II) (GWB-1069A2)
Data Sheet
Product Number GWB-1069A2
Product Page
Name Apolipoprotein A-II (APO A-II) (GWB-1069A2)
Source Human Plasma
Size 1 mg
Related Product Names (Synonyms) Apolipoprotein A-II (APO A-II) Apolipoprotein A-II (APO A-II)
Format lyophilized in 0.02M NH4HCO3 with traces of buffer salts
Purity 99% pure
Storage -20C
Intended Use Research Use Only
Description Clone #: N/A Grade: Highly pure

Concentration: 10 mg/ml determined by Behring Nephelometer-system Contaminants: One band corresponding to Apolopoprotein A-II molecular weight
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