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Human Neurotrophin-3 ELISA Kit
Data Sheet
Product Number GWB-ZZD015
Product Page
Name Human Neurotrophin-3 ELISA Kit
Reactivity Reactive to Human. There is cross-reactivates with NT-4<2.5%, and no detectable cross-reactivity with any other cytokine.
Size 1x96 well plate
Concentration Lot Specific
Supplier Applications ELISA
Related Product Names (Synonyms) AI316846| AI835689| HDNF| MGC129711| Nerve growth factor 2| Neurotrophic factor| Neurotrophin 3 (HDNF/NT 3)| Neurotrophin 3 precursor| Neurotrophin3| NGF 2| NGF2| NT3| NTF 3| NTF3
GI Number 4908
Stability Four months at 4C and eight months at -20C.
Storage Store at 4°C for 6 months, at -20°C for 12 months. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles(Shipped with wet ice.)
Immunogen sf21, Y139-T257
Kit Size 1x96 well plate
Standard Range 15.6pg/ml-1000pg/ml. Test has a sensitivity of < 2 pg/ml
Sample Type This kit is used for quantitative detection of human Neurotrophin-3 in cell culture supernates and serum.
Specimen/Volumes Refer to Manual
Intended Use Research Use Only
Availability In Stock
Description Neurotrophin-3(NT-3) is a new member of the nerve growth factor gene family, which plays an important role in the development and maintenance of the vertebrate nervous system. NT-3 and its receptor, called neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 3(Ntrk3; also called TrkC), are expressed early and throughout embryogenesis. NT-3 is one of five neurotrophin growth factors which shape the development of the nervous system by regulating neuronal survival and differentiation. NT-3 may be one of the central nervous system-derived factors that mediate neural crest(NC) cell proliferation in vivo. NT-3 has been mapped to human chromosome 12p and mouse chromosome 6.1
Applications ELISA
Swissprot Id P20783

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