baculoQUANT All-in-one virus extraction & titration kit (GWB-100602)

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100 reactions
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Baculovirus quantification now made easier than ever!

No more plaque assays

No more ELISA or immuno assays

No more virus extraction spin columns

Oxford Expression Technologies has teamed up with Agilent Technologies to introduce A convenient ‘all reagents included’ virus extraction & quantification kit.



• Titre accuracy comparable to plaque assay method

• Less than one hour hands-on time

• Virus DNA extraction and titration in under three hours

• Compatible with any AcMNPV-based baculovirus system containing gp64 viral gene

• Single step virus DNA extraction: just add lysis solution (no spin columns)

• QPCR Primers/ Probe provided as a single reagent mix: just add water

• Agilent high performance, ultra sensitive master mix reagent included

• Plaque assay titred virus internal standards included for standard curve generation



See image for a schematic of the protocol

1. Virus DNA is extracted from recombinant  viruses of unknown titre and from a series of dilutions of the virus internal standard (no columns are needed, simply add lysis solution to the virus sample and place into a thermocycler)

2. QPCR is carried out to determine the Cvalues for the virus DNA samples and internal standards (realtime PCR machine)

3. The titres of the virus DNA samples are determined by plotting their Ct values onto a standard curve generated using virus internal standards (provided in the kit)



1. Lysis buffer

2. Primer/ Probe mix

3. QPCR master mix

4. Virus internal standard

5. DNA positive control

6. RNase free water

7. User Guide

The kit contains reagents adequate for 100 reactions. This allows for upto 24 titrations in triplicate and 3 standard curves. 

Please note that the kit is shipped on dry ice. 

Additional Information

Name baculoQUANT All-in-one virus extraction & titration kit (GWB-100602)
Concentration Lot Specific
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-100602
Storage -20C
Intended Use Research Use Only