FlashBAC Gold - Baculovirus Expression System(24 reactions) (GWB-67B0AE)

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24 reactions
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flashBACGOLD™ provides superior levels of expression for any protein that is destined for secretion or to be inserted in the membrane, or for any protein that might be particularly liable to degradation.

flashBACGOLD™ is a baculovirus expression vector that has been designed to reduce proteolysis, maximise protein secretion and improve membrane protein targeting and is based on our patented flashBAC™ system, removing the necessity for plaque-purification. The deletion of both chiA and v-cath genes from flashBACGOLD™ has improved the efficacy of the secretory pathway and resulted in a greatly enhanced yield of recombinant proteins that are secreted or membrane targeted (in comparison to recombinant viruses that encode chiA and v-cath). v-cath encodes a cysteine protease. Therefore deletion of this gene results in the significant reduction of degradation of protease-sensitive targets. It is also back-compatible with all existing baculovirus transfer vectors based on homologous recombination in insect cells at the polyhedrin locus.

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Name FlashBAC Gold - Baculovirus Expression System(24 reactions) (GWB-67B0AE)
Related Product Names FlashBAC Gold - Baculovirus Expression System(24 reactions)
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