flashBAC Ultra - Baculovirus Expression System (5 reactions) (GWB-6AB80F)

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The latest development of the flashBAC technoloy, flashBACULTRA™ has taken to system a step further, by the removal of three more virus genes (p10, p74 and p26) from the flashBACULTRA™ genome. This has allowed further improvements in recombinant protein yield and quality to be delivered.

Deletion of p10 increases polh activity providing more recombinant protein, increases nuclear and cellular stability, ensuring a longer timeframe for protein expression and removes a major competitor for limiting cellular resources. p74 is non-essential in cell culture but is essential for oral infectivity of occlusion-derived virus (ODV) in the host where it plays a role in midgut attachment and fusion. Deletion of p74 has been shown to have no effect on virus production in vitro. Deletion of p74 further increases the biosafety profile of recombinant baculoviruses in the environment, making them unable to traverse the insect gut wall. P26 is an early gene that codes for a 240-amino acid polypeptide of unknown function and has the same 5′ terminus as p10. Deletion of the 3’-end of p26 and fusion to lacZ or p10 have previously been shown to have no effect on virus replication in vitro. Deletion of p10, p74 and p26 removes an unnecessary genetic burden from the recombinant virus genome, providing a more efficient baculovirus expression vector.

Taken together with the chitinase and cathepsin deletions this makes flashBAC ULTRA the best choice for the most difficult to express proteins. However flashBAC ULTRA is suitable for the expression of cytoplasmic, nucleus, secreted and membrane proteins.

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Name flashBAC Ultra - Baculovirus Expression System (5 reactions) (GWB-6AB80F)
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