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Orexin B Rat Mouse



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Sequence: {ARG} {PRO} {GLY} {PRO} {PRO} {GLY} {LEU} {GLN} {GLY} {ARG} {LEU} {GLN} {ARG} {LEU} {LEU} {GLN} {ALA} {ASN} {GLY} {ASN} {HIS} {ALA} {ALA} {GLY} {ILE} {LEU} {THR} {MET}-NH2 C Terminal: NH2

Formula: C126H215N45O34S Solubility: Soluble in water. The contents of this vial have been accurately determined. Both the stopper and the vial have been siliconized. Do not attempt to weight out a smaller portion of the contents. Orexin B is a hypothalamatic neuropeptide stimulating food intake in rats. Orexin B activates OX2 receptors. Both OX1 and OX2 receptors are involved in maintaining arousal. OX2 receptors appear to be inhibitory autoreceptors on Orexin-containing neurons. Orexin B stimulates food consumption in a similar manner to orexin A. but the effect did not last as long as that of orexin A. The affinity of orexin B for the OX1 receptor is significantly lower than that of orexin A. Binding affinities for the OX2 receptor are similar for orexin A and B.

Function: Neuropeptides that play a significant role in the regulation of food intake and sleep-wakefulness, possibly by coordinating the complex behavioral and physiologic responses of these complementary homeostatic functions. A broader role in the homeostatic regulation of energy metabolism, autonomic function, hormonal balance and the regulation of body fluids, is also suggested. Orexin-A binds to both OX1R and OX2R with a high affinity whereas orexin-B binds only to OX2R with a similar high affinity (By similarity).

Subcellular Location: Endoplasmic reticulum; rough endoplasmic reticulum (By similarity). Cytoplasmic vesicle (By similarity). Synapse (By similarity). Associated with perikaryal rough endoplasmic reticulum as well as cytoplasmic large granular vesicles at synapses (By similarity).

Ptm: Specific enzymatic cleavages at paired basic residues yield the different active peptides.

Similarity: Belongs to the orexin family. [1] Dyer,C.J., Touchette,K.J., Carroll,J.A., Allee,G.L. and Matteri,R.L.
Cloning of porcine prepro-orexin cDNA and effects of an intramuscular injection of synthetic porcine orexin-B on feed intake in young pigs
[2] Dyer C.J., Touchette K.J., Carroll J.A., Allee G.L., Matteri R.L.
Cloning of porcine prepro-orexin cDNA and effects of an intramuscular injection of synthetic porcine orexin-B on feed intake in young pigs.
[3] Malek M., Marklund S., Dyer C., Matteri R.L., Rothschild M.F.
Linkage and physical mapping of the porcine prepro-orexin gene.

Additional Information

Name Orexin B Rat Mouse
Related Product Names Hypocretin; Hcrt OX; PPOXOrexin B Rat MouseHCRT
Swissprot ID O77668
NCBI Acc Number NP_999321.1
Molecular Weight 13457
Purity > 95%
GI Number 47523402
Stability 6-12 months at -20 degree C.
Reactivity Rat Mouse
Sequence Length 131
Storage 4 degree C for short term (weeks) and -20 degree C for long term.
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Intended Use Research Use Only