Adiponectin (GWB-8B0BD0)



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Sequence: MGSSHHHHHH SSGLVPRGSH MEDDVTTTEE LAPALVPPPK GTCAGWMAGI PGHPGHNGTP GRDGRDGTPG EKGEKGDAGL LGPKGETGDV GMTGAEGPRG FPGTPGRKGE PGEAAYVYRS AFSVGLETRV TVPNVPIRFT KIFYNQQNHY DGSTGKFYCN IPGLYYFSYH ITVYMKDVKV SLFKKDKAVL FTYDQYQEKN VDQASGSVLL HLEVGDQVWL QVYGDGDHNG LYADNVNDST FTGFLLYHDT N Concentration: 1mg/ml Adiponectin is an adipocyte specific secreted protein that circulates in the plasma. It is induced during adipocyte differentiation and its secretion is stimulated by insulin. Mouse adiponectin shares about 83% amino acid identity with that human. Adiponectin plays a role in various physiological processes such as energy homeostasis and obesity. Adiponectin is reduced in obese humans, and decreased level is associated with insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Recombinant mouse adiponectin, fused to His-tag at N-terminus, was expressed in E.coli and purified by using conventional chromatography techniques.

N/A 1. Yokota. T. et al. (2000) Blood. 96:1723
1. Yamauchi T. et al (2002) Nature Medicine.8(11):1288-1295
1. Lu M. et al (2007) Mol Endocrinol. 59(2):207-16

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Name Adiponectin (GWB-8B0BD0)
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Related Product Names mAdiponectin, 18- 247aa, Mouse, His-tagged, Recombinant, E Coli; N/A Adiponectin
NCBI Acc Number NP_033735.3
Purity >= 95% by SDS PAGE
GI Number 87252711
Format 20mM Tris pH 8.0, 1mM DTT, 10% Glycerol
Sequence Length 247
Storage Store at -20C.
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Intended Use Research Use Only