Anti-JAK1 (Human) Affinity-Purified Polyclonal IgY Antibodies (GWB-431F71)



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Target Description: Janus kinase 1

Target Information: Janus kinase 1 (JAK1), is a member of a new class of protein-tyrosine kinases (PTK) characterized by the presence of a second phosphotransferase-related domain immediately N-terminal to the PTK domain. The second phosphotransferase domain bears all the hallmarks of a protein kinase, although its structure differs significantly from that of the PTK and threonine/serine kinase family members. JAK1 is a large, widely expressed membrane-associated phosphoprotein. JAK1 is involved in the interferon-alpha/beta and -gamma signal transduction pathways. The reciprocal interdependence between JAK1 and TYK2 activities in the interferon-alpha pathway, and between JAK1 and JAK2 in the interferon-gamma pathway, may reflect a requirement for these kinases in the correct assembly of interferon receptor complexes. These kinases couple cytokine ligand binding to tyrosine phosphorylation of various known signaling proteins and of a unique family of transcription factors termed the signal transducers and activators of transcription, or STATs.

Protein GI Number: 4504803

Protein Accession Number: NP_002218.1

Immunogen Information: aa 2-200

Species Reactivity: Human, mouse, rat

Produced From: Chicken

Buffer: Phosphate-Buffered Saline. No preservatives added.

Storage Instruction: 4C for short term (weeks) and -20C for long term. Avoid frequent freeze and thaw.

Recommended Application: Western blotting, tissue or cell immunostaining. Recommended starting dilution for Western blot analysis is 1:500, for tissue or cell staining is 1:200. Optimal working dilutions must be determined by the end user.

Recommended Control: Testing antigen control, Pooled pre-immune background control.

Related Reagents:

1. Goat anti-IgY Fc polyclonal antibodies
2. Rabbit anti-IgY polyclonal antibodies
3. Mouse anti-IgY Fc monoclonal antibody

Background References: Muller, M. et al: The protein tyrosine kinase JAK1 complements defects in interferon-alpha/beta and -gamma signal transduction. Nature 366: 129-135, 1993.

Western Blot Test: E coli-derived fusion protein as test antigen. Affinity-Purified IgY dilution: 1:2000, Goat anti-IgY-HRP dilution: 1:1000. Colorimetric method for signal development.

Important Note: During shipment, small volumes of product will occasionally become entrapped in the seal of the product vial. For products with volumes of 200 uL or less, we recommend gently tapping the vial on a hard surface or briefly centrifuging the vial in a tabletop centrifuge to dislodge any liquid in the container’s cap.

Additional Information

Name Anti-JAK1 (Human) Affinity-Purified Polyclonal IgY Antibodies (GWB-431F71)
Related Product Names Anti-JAK1, Affinity-Purified Polyclonal IgY Antibodies, IgY, Antibodies
NCBI Acc Number NP_002218.1
Concentration Lot Specific
Source Chicken
Application Western blotting, tissue or cell immunostaining
GI Number 4504803
Reactivity human, rat, mouse
Storage 4°C for short term (weeks) and -20°C for long term. Avoid frequent freeze and thaw
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-431F71
Intended Use Research Use Only