Human Leptin Receptor ELISA (GWB-DCDCB5)





Product Name: Human Leptin Receptor ELISA

# of Samples: 1X96 Assays

Intended Use: The Human Leptin Receptor ELISA is a double monoclonal sandwich enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative measurement of human Leptin receptor in serum, plasma and tissue culture medium. It is intended for research use only.
• The total assay time is less than four hours.
• The kit measures total serum Leptin receptor.
• Standard is recombinat protein based.
• Quality Controls are human serum based.
• Components of the kit are ready-to-use (with the exception of Wash Solution and Quality Controls).

Principle of the test: In GenWay\'s Human Leptin Receptor ELISA, Standards, Quality Controls and samples of sera or plasma are incubated in microtitration wells coated with monoclonal anti-human Leptin receptor antibody. After a thorough wash, monoclonal anti-human leptin receptor antibody labelled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) is added to the wells and incubated with the immobilized antibody-leptin receptor complex. Following another washing step, the remaining HRP-conjugated antibody is allowed to react with the substrate H2O2 and tetramethylbenzidine. The reaction is stopped by addition of acidic solution, and absorbance of the resulting yellow colour product is measured spectrophotometrically at 450 nm. The absorbance is proportional to the concentration of Leptin receptor. A standard curve is constructed by plotting absorbance values against concentrations OF recombinant Leptin receptor standards, and concentrations of unknown samples are determined using this standard curve.

Storage and Stability: Store the kit at 2-8C. Under these conditions, the kit is stable until the expiration date (see label on the box).

Limitation of the Test: Results exceeding Leptin receptor level of 100 ng/ml should be repeated with more diluted samples (e.g. 1:5). In this case, dilution factors need to be taken into consideration in calculating the concentrations of Leptin receptor.

Sensitivity and Specificity: The antibodies used in the Human Leptin Receptor ELISA kit are highly specific to human Leptin receptor, with no detectable crossreactivities to the cytokines that may be present in human serum.
No crossreactivity to the following animal sera: mouse, rabbit, goat, rat, bovine, horse, sheep and pig was found.

Product Name: Human Leptin Receptor ELISA

Receptor for obesity factor (leptin). On ligand binding, mediates signaling through JAK2/STAT3. Involved in the regulation of fat metabolism and, in a hematopoietic pathway, required for normal lymphopoiesis. May play a role in reproduction. Can also mediate the ERK/FOS signaling pathway (By similarity).

Subunit: On leptin stimulation, homodimerizes. The phosphorylated receptor binds a number of SH2 domain-containing proteins such as STAT3, PTPN11, and SOCS3 (By similarity). Interaction with SOCS3 inhibits LRb signaling (By similarity).

Subcellular Location: Cell membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein.

Subcellular Location: Isoform E: Secreted (Probable).

Tissue Specificity: Isoform A is expressed in fetal liver and in hematopoietic tissues and choroid plexus. In adults highest expression in heart, liver, small intestine, prostate and ovary. Low level in lung and kidney. Isoform B is highly expressed in hypothalamus.

Domain: The cytoplasmic domain may be essential for intracellular signal transduction by activation of JAK tyrosine kinase and STATs.

Domain: The WSXWS motif appears to be necessary for proper protein folding and thereby efficient intracellular transport and cell-surface receptor binding.

Domain: The box 1 motif is required for JAK interaction and/or activation.

Ptm: On ligand binding, phosphorylated on two conserved C-terminal tyrosine residues (isoform B only) by JAK2. Tyr-986 is required for complete binding and activation of PTPN11, ERK/FOS activation and, for interaction with SOCS3 (By similarity). Phosphorylation on Tyr-1141 is required for STAT3 binding/activation.

Similarity: Belongs to the type I cytokine receptor family. Type 2 subfamily.

Similarity: Contains 4 fibronectin type-III domains.

Similarity: Contains 1 Ig-like (immunoglobulin-like) domain.

Additional Information

Name Human Leptin Receptor ELISA (GWB-DCDCB5)
Related Product Names Human Leptin Receptor ELISA Kit ELISA Kit; LEP-R; OB receptor; OB-R; HuB219; CD295 antigen DB; OBRHuman Leptin Receptor ELISALEPR
Swissprot ID P48357
NCBI Acc Number NP_001003679.1
Molecular Weight 132494
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-DCDCB5
Intended Use Research Use Only