Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor (CNTF) (GWB-8EA8A0)



0.02 mg
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Clone #: N/A Grade: recombinant Human Protein

Concentration: 20 ug per vial Contaminants: Endotoxin level is less than 0.1 ng per ug (1 EU/ug)

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Name Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor (CNTF) (GWB-8EA8A0)
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Related Product Names Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor (CNTF) Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor (CNTF)
Purity Greater than 98% by SDS-PAGE gel and HPLC Analyses
Source E. Coli
Format Sterile filtered through a 0.2 micron filter. Lyophilized from 5 mM Sodium Phosphate, pH 7.0 + 75 mM NaCl. Centrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute in 5mM Sodium Phosphate, pH 7.5 to a concentration of 0.1- 1.0 mg/ml.
Storage -20C for best results, short term at 4oC in lyophilized form.
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Intended Use Research Use Only