HDAC8 Fluorogenic Assay Kit (GWB-47F4E7)


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Description: The Fluorogenic HDAC8 Assay Kit is a complete assay system designed to measure histone deacetylases 8 (HDAC8) activity for screening and profiling applications. It comes in a convenient 96-well format, with all the reagents necessary for 100 uluorescent HDAC activity measurements. In addition, the kit includes purified HDAC8 and a potent HDAC inhibitor, Trichostatin A, for use as a positive and negative control. The Fluorogenic HDAC8 Assay Kit is based on a unique fluorogenic substrate and developer combination. Using this kit, only two simple steps on a microtiter plate are needed to analyze the HDAC8 activity level. First, the HDAC fluorometric substrate is incubated with purified HDAC8 enzyme. The deacetylation sensitizes the substrate so subsequent treatment with the Lysine Developer produces a fluorophore that can then be measured using a fluorescence reader. COMPONENTS : Fluorogenic HDAC8 substrate: 50 ul @ 5 mM; 2 x HDAC developer: 6 ml; HDAC assay buffer: 10 ul; Trichostatin A: 100 ul @ 200 uM; One black plate; 1 ug HDAC8 for the positive control.

Format: assay kit

Scientific Category: Deacetylase Assay

Additional Information

Name HDAC8 Fluorogenic Assay Kit (GWB-47F4E7)
Related Product Names histone deacetylase, HDAC
Purity NA
Format Assay Kit
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Storage Mixed storage
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