PDE4A1A Assay Kit (GWB-29AF35)


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Description: The PDE4A1A Assay Kit is designed for identification of PDE4A1A inhibitors using fluorescence polarization. The assay is based on the binding of a fluorescent nucleotide monophosphate generated by PDE4A1A to the binding agent. PDE4A1A is widely expressed in brain tumors and promotes their growth and its  inhibitor Rolipram is  identified as a potent anti- inflammatory agent.

The PDE4A1A inhibitor screening assay kit comes in a convenient 96-well format, including purified PDE4A1A enzyme, fluorescently labeled PDE4A substrate (cAMP),
binding agent, and PDE assay buffer for 100 enzyme reactions. The key to the PDE4A1A Assay Kit is the specific binding agent. 

 Using this kit, only two simple steps on a microtiter plate are required for PDE4A1A reactions. First, the fluorescently labeled cAMP is incubated with a sample containing PDE4A1A for 1 hour. Second, a binding agent is added to the reaction mix to produce a change in fluorescent polarization that can then be measured using a fluorescence reader equipped for the measurement of fluorescence polarization.

APPLICATIONS: Great for studying enzyme kinetics and screening small molecular inhibitors for drug discovery and HTS applications.

STORAGE: -20C or -70C.

REFERENCES: 1. Goldhoff P, Warrington NM, Limbrick DD Jr, Hope A, Woerner BM, Jackson E, Perry A, Piwnica-Worms D, Rubin JB. Clin Cancer Res. 2008; 14(23):7717-25. 

Format: assay kit

Scientific Category: PDE

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Name PDE4A1A Assay Kit (GWB-29AF35)
Related Product Names PDE, phosphodiesterase, screening, inhibitors, PDE4A
Format Assay Kit
Storage Mixed storage
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