HBsAg adw2 subtype M133L mutant form recombinant (GWB-1100EE)



1 mg


Protein Rigion Full.
Purification Method pH precipitation, size exlusion chromatography, microfiltration, ultrafiltration.
Specificity Immunoreactive with sera of HBV-infected individuals.
Buffer Sodium Carbonate-Bicarbonate 20mM, pH 9,4; NaCl 100 mM; EDTA 3mM; glicerol 15%.
Products Description Recombinant Hepatitis B surface antigen with replacement of the methionine residue at position 133 by leucine.

Additional Information

Name HBsAg adw2 subtype M133L mutant form recombinant (GWB-1100EE)
Related Product Names HBsAg, adw2 subtype, M133L mutant form recombinant
Molecular Weight 25 kDa
Purity The protein is presented by major band and series bands Pichia Pastoris derivated on 12% PAGE electrophoresis (coomassie staining)
Source Pichia pastoris
Format Liquid
Stability 1 year from date of shipment
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-1100EE
Storage +4C short term (1 week); -80C long term
Intended Use Research Use Only