Cystatin C (GWB-112B97)



1 mg


Clone #: N/A Grade: High purity

Concentration: Lot specific

Contaminants: SDS - PAGE shows one band corresponding to Cyctatin C molecular weight of 13 kD.

Additional Remarks: Bioburden < 100 CFU/ml

Additional Information

Name Cystatin C (GWB-112B97)
Related Product Names Cystatin C Cystatin C
Purity 96 % pure by SDS-PAGE
Source Urine from patients with chronic renal tublar proteinuria
Format Lyophilized in 0.02M NH4HCO3 with traces of buffer salts. Reconstitute with 0.02M NH4HCO3 buffer.
Storage Store at 4C for short term, -20C for longer storage
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-112B97
Intended Use Research Use Only