Fish Plasma Salmon (GWB-AB3F37)



50 ml


Description Fish Plasma, Salmon.
Specificity Very low cross-reactivity with anti-mammalian IgG antibodies and anti-DNA or anti-BSA hapten antibodies. Does not cross-react with Protein A.
Type of Product Animal Sera.
Buffer Not applicable.
Applications Notes Effective for most applications at a concentration of 1% or less. Prevents denaturization of proteins during immobilization or drying. Stabilizes proteins when used as a diluent for reagents stored at refrigerated or frozen. Fish Plasma, Salmon

Additional Information

Name Fish Plasma Salmon (GWB-AB3F37)
Related Product Names Fish Plasma, Salmon Fish Plasma, Salmon
Source Fish
Application ELISA, WB
Format Neat, Liquid
Storage Store at -70 C. This product is best thawed in cold water or under refrigeration.
Datasheets/Manuals Printable datasheet for GWB-AB3F37
Intended Use Research Use Only