Interferon-g (GWB-29AB05)



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Sequence: MQDPYVKEAE NLKKYFNAGH SDVADNGTLF LGILKNWKEE SDRKIMQSQI VSFYFKLFKN FKDDQSIQKS VETIKEDMNV KFFNSNKKKR DDFEKLTNYS VTDLNVQRKA IHELIQVMAE LSPAAKTGKR KRSQMLFRGR RASQ Concentration: 1mg/ml Human interferon-gamma (hIFN-gamma) is secreted by lymphocytes stimulated by mitogen and is involved in the differentiation, maturation, and proliferation of hematopoietic cells. Nature human interferon-gamma is composed of 143amino acid residues without cysteine residues and is glycosylated.
Recombinant human interferon - gamma was expressed in E.coli and purified by FPLC gel-filtration chromatography, after refolding of the isolated inclusion bodies in a renaturation buffer. Additional amino acid (Methionine) is attached at N-terminus.

Function: Produced by lymphocytes activated by specific antigens or mitogens. IFN-gamma, in addition to having antiviral activity, has important immunoregulatory functions. It is a potent activator of macrophages, it has antiproliferative effects on transformed cells and it can potentiate the antiviral and antitumor effects of the type I interferons.

Subunit: Homodimer.

Subcellular Location: Secreted.

Tissue Specificity: Released primarily from activated T lymphocytes.

Similarity: Belongs to the type II (or gamma) interferon family. 1. Sen GC, Lengyel P(1992) J. Biol. Chem. 267(8):5017-5020
1. Tsutomu Arakawa, Yeuh-Rong Hsu(1987) Biochemistry. 26:5428-5432
1. Ernst Rinderknecht, et al(1984) J. Biol. Chem. 259(11):6790-6797

Additional Information

Name Interferon-g (GWB-29AB05)
Related Product Names Interferon-g, Human, Recombinant, E Coli; IFN-gamma Interferon-gIfng
Swissprot ID P01580
Molecular Weight 17907
Purity >= 95% by SDS PAGE
Format Liquid. In phosphate-buffered Saline(PBS), pH7.4
Storage Can be stored at +4C short term (1-2 weeks). For long term storage, aliquot and store at -20C or -70C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing cycles.
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Intended Use Research Use Only