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ANXA1 Western Blot Kit



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The ANXA1 Western Blot Kit provides all the reagents that are required for conducting high quality western blot analysis. Conditions and protocols have been optimized for easy visualization of the ANXA1 protein target. Primary Target-Specific Antibody and Secondary HRP Conjugated Antibody are included to facilitate rapid detection of the target protein. The enclosed Positive Control Cell Lysate can be included in the western blot procedure in order to ensure that the antibody is functioning properly and successfully detecting the target protein. The peptide used to generate the primary antibody has also been enclosed to facilitate Peptide Blocking studies to confirm the specificity of the Primary Antibodies binding affinity.

Additional Information

Name ANXA1 Western Blot Kit
Related Product Names ANXA1 Western Blot Kit
Datasheets / Downloads GWB-11A960 Datasheet
Intended Use Research Use Only