Sarafotoxin 6c

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Sequence (One Letter Code): CTCNDMTDEECLNFCHQDVIW (Disulfide bridge: 1-15 and 3-11)

Sequence: {CYS} {THR} {CYS} {ASN} {ASP} {MET} {THR} {ASP} {GLU} {GLU} {CYS} {LEU} {ASN} {PHE} {CYS} {HIS} {GLN} {ASP} {VAL} {ILE} {TRP} Formula: C103H147N27O37S5 Chemical Bridge: 1-15 and 3-11

Solubility: InSoluble in water. Peptide is very acidic.Rehydrate 100mg of peptide with at least 1ml of pH 8.0 buffer orrehydrate the content with 30ml-100ml DMSO - then dilute up the content with water to the desired concentration. S6c. as a selective ETB endothelin receptor agonist. its administration can cause a transient fall in mean arterial blood pressure (MABP) prior to occlusion and attenuated the fall in MABP induced by coronary occlusion.

Function: Vasoconstrictor activity. These toxins cause cardiac arrest probably as a result of coronary vasospasm.

Subcellular Location: Secreted protein.

Toxic Dose: LD50 is 0.015 mg/kg by intravenous injection for sarafotoxin-A and sarafotoxin-B, and 0.3 mg/kg for sarafotoxin-C.

Similarity: Belongs to the endothelin/sarafotoxin family. [1] Takasaki,C., Itoh,Y., Onda,H. and Fujino,M., et al.
Cloning and sequence analysis of a snake, Atractaspis engaddensis gene encoding sarafotoxin S6c
[2] Itoh,Y., et al.
Direct Submission
[3] Ducancel F., Matre V., Dupont C., Lajeunesse E., Wollberg Z., Bdolah A., Kochva E., Boulain J.-C., Menez A.
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Additional Information

Name Sarafotoxin 6c
Related Product Names Sarafotoxin 6c
Intended Use Research Use Only
NCBI Acc Number BAA02579.2
GI Number 16751519
Purity > 95%
Stability 6-12 months at -20 degree C.
Storage 4 degree C for short term (weeks) and -20 degree C for long term.
Molecular Weight 62326
Sequence Length 23
Swiss Prot Number P13208