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Affinity Purified Anti-MOUSE IgG (H&L) (RABBIT) (Min X Human Serum Proteins)



2 mg
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Anti-Mouse antibody generated in rabbit detects specifically mouse IgG (H&L). This secondary antibody anti-Mouse is ideal for investigators who routinely perform titration assays, western-blot, immunoprecipitation and more general immunoassays.
Fraction: Westermark,G.T. and Westermark,P., et al.

Additional Information

Name Affinity Purified Anti-MOUSE IgG (H&L) (RABBIT) (Min X Human Serum Proteins)
Drywet Surcharge 0
Species Reactivity Mouse
Clone Polyclonal
Host Rabbit
Immunogen Anti-Mouse IgG was produced by repeated immunization with mouse IgG whole molecule in rabbit.
Product Format Liquid (sterile filtered)
Datasheets / Downloads GWB-1E1458 Datasheet
Storage Buffer 0.02 M Potassium Phosphate, 0.15 M Sodium Chloride, pH 7.2
Swiss Prot Number P01857
Applications WB, ELISA, IHC, Fluorescence Microscopy, FACS, Flow Cytometry (FACS), ChIP, Neutralization
Application Info ELISA: 1:20,000 - 1:100,000 WB: 1:2,000 - 1:10,000 IHC: 1:1,000 - 1:5,000
Preservative 0.01% (w/v) Sodium Azide
Stability None
Reconstitution and Storage Store vial at 4 C prior to opening.   This product is stable for several weeks at 4 C as an undiluted liquid.   Dilute only prior to immediate use.   For extended storage aliquot contents and freeze at -20 C or below.   Avoid cycles of freezing and thawing.   Expiration date is one (1) year from date of opening product.
Reactivity Mouse IgG
Intended Use Research Use Only
Additional Information Label: Unconjugated
:: Application Note: Antibody Anti-Mouse IgG (H&L) is suitable for immunoblotting (western or dot blot), ELISA, and immunohistochemistry as well as other peroxidase-antibody based on enzymatic assays requiring lot-to-lot consistency.
:: Purity and Specificity: This product was prepared from monospecific antiserum by immunoaffinity chromatography using Mouse IgG coupled to agarose beads follow by solid phase adsorption(s) to remove any unwanted reactivities. Assay by immunoelectrop