GenWay Biotech Custom Services

At GenWay Biotech, we pride ourselves on offering a complete turn-key solution to your custom project needs with attention to quality and customer service.


Protein Expression

Protein expression is an art of science and technology. Each protein is different and needs special treatment. We provide customized solutions to each protein expression project. GenWay has developed a multi-tiered platform of protein expression. This system, consisting of different vector and host systems, can be applied for expression and purification of difficult proteins such membrane proteins, kinases, proteases, nuclear receptors, etc. The key features of our technologies are to produce proteins, protein fragments, or fusion proteins that are soluble, functional, and applicable for various uses. GenWay’s team has produced more than 2,500 recombinant proteins. Our proprietary technology, know-how, and experience enable us to provide most capable and powerful protein production services to our clients.


Custom Antibodies

Two key factors for success in antibody production are antigen design and purification of antibodies produced. We have the expertise, experience, and enabling technologies to accomplish both factors. Antigens can be macromolecules or small molecules, depending on the particular target.

Generally speaking, the protein is the best antigen, generating a stronger immune response and higher antibody titers than peptides or hapten antigens. Among protein antigens, native proteins are usually better than recombinant ones. However, the former is not always available. Most of the time, the latter, recombinant proteins, are used as antigens. Key factors for quality antigen production include production methods and format. GenWay has the technology, knowledge and experience in preparing high quality antigens, allowing us to produce high quality antibodies.

To obtain higher titer and stronger avidity or affinity antibodies, selection and purification of antibodies, in addition to using high quality antigens, are also very important. GenWay has developed a set of methods for antibody titering, isolation, and purification. This is the second critical path to ensure obtaining high quality antibodies.



GenWay provides Contract Research and Manufacture services as a CMO (Contract Manufacture Organization) or CRO (Contract Research Organization) for supporting pre-clinical and clinical development studies.


Assay Development

GenWay specializes in immunoassays since we produce the relevant reagents including proteins and antibodies. We routinely develop and utilize the following assays for specific analysis needs.

An immunoassay is a biochemical test that measures the level of a substance in a biological liquid, typically serum or urine, using the reaction of an antibody or antibodies to its antigen. The assay takes advantage of the specific binding of an antibody to its antigen. Monoclonal antibodies are often used as they only usually bind to one site of a particular molecule, and therefore provide a more specific and accurate test, which is less easily confused by the presence of other molecules. Polyclonal antibodies have also been successfully applied for various immunoassays.  The antibodies picked must have a high affinity for the antigen (if there is antigen available, a very high proportion of it must bind to the antibody).

Based upon the capability and core competency in protein and antibody, we have been providing assay development and standardization for our clients.


Terms and Conditions for Custom Services

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