Custom Antibody Services

GenWay offers first-in-class custom antibody services. Our team excels in the two key factors for producing high quality antibodies: Antigen design and Antibody purification. Services include Polyclonal IgY, Polyclonal IgG, Phospho-Specific antibodies, Monoclonal IgY, Hybridoma Development and Monoclonal IgG production. Please use our convenient online Antibody Development Quote Form if you would get a quote or schedule a call to discuss your needs.

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  • GenWay Biotech has over 15 years of experience in development and production of monoclonal antibodies. Our experienced scientific team will work to design a protocol that will meet your needs for research, product development, or Clinical or IVD use. Standard Hybridoma Development Description I. Immunization
    1. Purchase of 5 Balb/C mice or 3 Fisher rats
    2. Pre-immunization test bleed for negative baseline
    3. Immunizations and test bleeds
    4. Antibody titer of test bleeds by ELISA
    5. One or two mice or rats with the best titers are selected for fusion
    6. Pre-spleen collection boost before fusing
    7. Typically 70 – 90 days depending on antigen and immune response
    II. Fusion and Selection
    1. Lymphocytes from 2 mice or one rat are pooled and fused.
    2. Fused cells are grown on HAT selective single-step cloning media.
    3. Clones are transferred to 96-well plates and expanded.
    4. 10 - 14 days
    III. Screening and Expansion of Hybridoma Clones
    1. Primary screening of hybridoma tissue culture supernatants by indirect ELISA.
    2. Positive clones are further tested by ELISA.
    3. Positive clones are isotyped and subcloned to identify stable expressing clones.
    4. Further evaluation by the client if needed (ship supertantant to client).
    5. Report to client
    6. 14 - 21 Days
    IV. Subcloning and Cryopreservation
    1. Selection of 1 to 5 clones in conjunction with client.
    2. Cryopreservation of at least 5 vials per selected clone.
    3. Storage of vials for 3 months at no charge.
    4. Long term storage available (optional).
    5. Report to client
    6. 14 - 21 days
    V. Antibody Production and Purification (Optional)
    1. GenWay offers antibody production and purification services to meet the needs of research, diagnostic development, or for use in FDA or CE medical devices