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GenWay offers first-in-class custom antibody services. Our team excels in the two key factors for producing high quality antibodies: Antigen design and Antibody purification. GenWay has the technology, experience, and methods to deliver the custom antibody fit to your needs.

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  • Polyclonal IgY Antibody Development GenWay is one of the most experienced IgY antibody companies in the world, providing complete antibody production services from gene sequences to antibody purification. GenWay’s antibody production service is a one-stop full service: Understanding our client’s specific needs, producing and delivering the products according to schedule, and providing technical support post-delivery. We respect our clients’ confidential information, and guarantee that all intellectual property remains with the client. Here is our standard protocol for IgY custom antibody development:
    Animal White Leghorn Chicken
    Immunogen Typical proteins and conjugated peptides
    Adjuvant Complete Freund’s Adjuvant (CFA) initially. Incomplete Freund’s Adjuvant (IFA) for all subsequent injections
    Week: 1 Domain selection through interactions with client
    Week: 2-3 Expression vector and antigen preparation
    Week: 4-11 Immunization and antibody isolation
    Week: 12-13 Antigen affinity-purification and QC validation
    Week: 14 Datasheet preparation and product delivery
    Chickens generally lay 15-20 eggs per month
    Each yolk (about 15 ml per egg) contains about 50-100 mg Total IgY antibody.
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