ELISA Development Services

GenWay’s experience in development of proteins and antibodies allows for rapid, high quality development and validation of ELISA assays. We routinely develop and utilize assays for specific analysis needs. Based upon our capability and core competency in proteins and antibodies, we can providing first-in-class assay development and standardization for our clients.

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  • ELISA Validation Services GenWay offers a full line of custom ELISA Assay services including Assay Development, Assay Validation, Clinical Trial Testing, and Clinical (CLIA) Testing. We leverage our expertise in development and validation of antibodies and antigens to reduce development time and improve assay results. Our ELISA Validation services include:
    1. Draft a Validation Protocol with input from the customer’s QA and Regulatory personnel.
    2. Document all sample requirements including blinding, procurement, accessioning, testing, storage, and retention.
    3. Perform Validation testing, according to the Validation Protocol
    4. Report the Validation Results and provide a Summary Report including data analysis
    5. Comply with ISO/GMP requirements, as defined by the customer
    6. Comply with customer supplier qualification requirements, such as supplier audit, as defined by the customer.
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