Protein Expression Services

GenWay provides customized solutions to each protein expression project. Our expert scientific staff has experience with difficult proteins and have produced more than 2,500 recombinant proteins. Whether your needs are small scale research or large scale cGMP, we can apply our experience to meet your needs. Services include E. coli expression, Mammalian expression, Yeast expression, and Antigen Preparation. Please use our convenient online Protein Expression Quote Form if you would get a quote or schedule a call to discuss your needs.

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  • E. coli Custom Protein Expression Services GenWay recombinant protein production in E. coli provides services for antigen production, ligand preparation, and proteins for binding assays, cell based assays, enzymatic assays, vaccine development and therapeutics. Our proprietary platforms can produce functional recombinant proteins, domain specific fragments, fusion proteins, and protein complexes. We understand the need for active proteins, free of impurities, to produce clean reproducible results. View our ISO13485 compliant protein development, validation, and production options. The following is our E. coli custom protein expression development template:
    Order Process Details
    Step 1 Bioinformatic analysis, domain selection and vector design GenWay conducts bioinformatic analysis on target(s) and recommends an expression strategy to each client. Sequence verified cDNAs are provided by the client, supplied by GenWay, or are purchased from available commercial sources.
    Step 2 Prepare subcloning plasmid and construct expression vectors Using GenWay's vector system with the most appropriate strategy to construct vectors.
    Step 3 Target sequence analysis and confirmation Conduct DNA sequencing and analysis to confirm correct coding and flanking sequence.
    Step 4 Cell transformation and expression clone preparation Use GenWay’s proprietary expression cell lines and prepare expression cell clone.
    Step 5 Protein production and purification Express protein in a small scale culture, collect and lyse cells, isolate and purify protein. If the protein is not soluble, then the processes of solubilization and refolding will be initiated.
    Step 6 Quality control test Conduct SDS-PAGE analysis and generate QC report.
    Step 7 Scale-up production and quality control test Produce and purify target proteins at a large scale.
    Step 8 Characterization of target protein (including functional studies) 1. Determine purity in conjunction with client specifications.
    2. Employ a functional assay method provided by client or to be specifically developed.
    3. Utilize immunoassays such as western blot analysis, ELISA, etc, after antibodies are produced or provided.
    Each protein has its unique biochemical feature in the expression process. GenWay's team will work with the client to develop the best strategy and use the most cost-effective process. Purification Methods
    1. Affinity Chromatography
      • Anti-Flag
      • Glutathione Sepharose
      • Heparin Sepharose
      • Ni-NTA
      • Protein A
      • Protein G
      • Streptavidin Sepharose
      • Talon resin
    2. Ion Exchange Chromatography
      • ANX
      • CM Sepharose
      • DEAE Sepharose
      • Mono-Q
      • Q Sepharose Fast Flow
      • Q Sepharose XL
      • Resource Q
      • SP Sepharose
    3. Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
      • (CH2)n Sepharose
      • Phenyl Sepharose
    4. Size Exclusion Chromatography
    Optional Services
    1. Tag Removal
    2. Endotoxin Removal
    3. Protein solubilization and refolding