Protein Expression

GenWay provides customized solutions to each protein expression project.  Our expert scientific staff has experience with difficult proteins and has produced more than 2,500 recombinant proteins.  Whether your needs are small scale research or large scale ISO13485/GMP, we can apply our experience to meet your needs.

Please EMAIL us and tell us what you need and we can provide a quote or set up a call.

E. coli Expression Services: Low cost, fast turn-around, high yield, scalable.

Yeast Expression Services: Eukaryotic expression for secreted and intracellular proteins.

Mammalian Cell Expression Services:  Expression of proteins requiring post-translational modifications.

ISO13485 compliant protein development, validation, and production can be found HERE

GenWay has a diverse protein expression platform that combines the technologies of bioinformatics, protein domain analysis, gene codon optimization, protein fusion, and protein expression in different host cells. The multi-tiered platform for recombinant protein production depicted below allows GenWay to produce soluble and functional proteins. In particular, GenWay has the capability and vector systems for expression of difficult-to-express proteins such as proteases, kinases, and membrane proteins.

Protein Expression