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Protein Expression Services

GenWay provides customized solutions to each protein expression project. Our expert scientific staff has experience with difficult proteins and have produced more than 2,500 recombinant proteins. Whether your needs are small scale research or large scale cGMP, we can apply our experience to meet your needs. Services include E. coli expression, Mammalian expression, Yeast expression, and Antigen Preparation. Please use our convenient online Protein Expression Quote Form if you would get a quote or schedule a call to discuss your needs.

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  • Email: sales@genwaybio.com
  • Phone: 858.458.0866
  • Mammalian Protein Expression Services 293, CHO, Hybridoma. High transient and stable expression levels of secreted proteins with native post-translational modification. Good for antigens, assays standards, affinity ligands, full-length antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins. Higher cost. Low yields for intracellular proteins. Difficult production scale-up for transient expression.