Protein Expression Services

GenWay provides customized solutions to each protein expression project. Our expert scientific staff has experience with difficult proteins and have produced more than 2,500 recombinant proteins. Whether your needs are small scale research or large scale cGMP, we can apply our experience to meet your needs. Services include E. coli expression, Mammalian expression, Yeast expression, and Antigen Preparation. Please use our convenient online Protein Expression Quote Form if you would get a quote or schedule a call to discuss your needs.

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  • Antigen Preparation Services One of the determining factors in quality antibody development is quality antigen preparation. We focus on preparation of high-quality antigen for ensuring high-quality antibody development
    1. Using our bioinformatics core we determine the best immunogenic domain for antibody generation
    2. Using our proprietary fusion domain and vectors we express and purify recombinant antigens in the most cost-effective manner
    3. GenWay can provide full services, with the customer providing a target protein accession number and GenWay delivering high-quality polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies
    There are different natures and great variations of antigens in type, form, size, availability, etc. Each type of antigen has its own utility, advantages and disadvantages. The following details and compares various considerations for antigen development:
    Comparison of Antigens
    Consideration Native Proteins Recombinant Proteins Peptides Other
    Size and form Full-Length Vary in size 50-300 aa (Domain) or Full-Length 6-20 aa Small molecule, macromolecule whole cell or microorganism
    Conjugation (Carrier) Not Needed Not Needed Needed Needed for small and macromolecule
    Fusion Tag No Optional No Optional
    Immunogenicity Best High Fair Fair
    Success Rate for Antibody Generation 80-95% 60-80% 30-60% 40-60%
    Suitable as Ligand Best Good Fair Vary
    Immuno-reactivity Good Good Vary Vary
    Reproducibility Best Good Good Vary
    Cost High Middle Low Vary
    GenWay’s antigen technology specializes in the three major types: Purification Methods
    1. Native Proteins
    2. Peptides and Conjugates
    3. Recombinant Proteins