IgG Monoclonal Antibodies

GenWay also offers more traditional mouse monoclonal antibody development services. GenWay offers bioinformatics analysis for antigen domain selection, and full service production and purification options. Our monoclonal antibody production process applies optimized immunization protocols for the best induction of high-titer immune responses in host mice prior to isolation of B-cells for fusion and hybridoma development.

We have a strong scale up production capability that is both cost and time-effective, especially when production is for a simultaneous large number of targets.

For further information on the features and applications of IgY and IgG antibodies, as well as the related products such as secondary antibodies and antibody conjugates, please visit the pages:

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GenWay offers extensive custom services in antibody development and applications. For more detailed information, please see the specific description pages in Custom Antibodies, and Immunoaffinity Separation.