IgG Polyclonal Antibodies

GenWay also offers more traditional rabbit polyclonal antibody development services. We have over 25 years of rabbit polyclonal IgG production experience, including antigen affinity-purification and relevant applications.

Part of the uniqueness of GenWay's antibodies is that they are generated against recombinant protein domains of 50-300 amino acids in length, much larger than the typical peptide antigen of only 6-20 amino acids. The result of these high quality larger epitope antigens is a mono-specific polyclonal antibody that is useful for various applications.

For further information on the features and applications of IgY and IgG antibodies, as well as the related products such as secondary antibodies and antibody conjugates, please visit the pages:

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GenWay offers extensive custom services in antibody development and applications. For more detailed information, please see the specific description pages in Custom Antibodies, and Immunoaffinity Separation.