Antibody and Protein Arrays

Antibody and Protein microarrays are important tools in biological and proteomic research. Generally, microarrays consist of a glass slide chip or nano-well array onto which different proteins or antibodies are affixed in an ordered fashion.

Protein microarrays can be used in the following applications:

To identify protein-protein interactions;

To screen for antibodies (reverse antibody array);

To analyze substrates of protein kinases, proteases, and other protein enzymes;

To profile targets of biologically active small molecules.

Antibody microarrays are useful for the following applications:

To identify antigens in a sample;

To measure protein expression from cell lysates for research purposes;

To detect biomarkers in serum or urine for diagnostic applications;

To profile target proteins in a complex protein sample;

To semi-quantify protein targets in biological samples.
Capture molecules for protein and antibody microarrays include antibodies or other proteins including receptors, enzymes or nucleic acids. The most common detection method is fluorescence detection which offers high sensitivity and resolution.

GenWay offers protein expression and antibody production services that can be applied to antibody and protein arrays for various applications. One of GenWay's areas of expertise includes chicken IgY polyclonal antibodies. GenWay has successfully applied IgY antibodies on various types of solid surfaces, including array and microbeads. Antigen-affinity pure IgY antibodies have been shown to be suitable and useful for immobilization on glass, metal, agarose, copolymers of polyacrylamide and azlactone, and other solid phase surfaces. The figure below shows the affinity purification of IgY antibodies and the model of using IgY antibodies as a pair for capture and detection in array format (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Affinity-Purified Polyclonal IgY and Model of IgY Array.
Panel A: Specific IgY antibodies are purified via antigen column.
Panel B: A model showing the same polyclonal IgY antibodies used as a pair for capture and detection of antigen.

GenWay offers solutions to protein expression, antibody and assay development. For more detailed information, please see the specific description pages in Protein Expression, Custom Antibodies and Assay Development.